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Despite political atmosphere, …

Aug 24 2010 Published by under tweets

Despite political atmosphere, there is an impending shortage of hot air.

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One Task at a Time

Aug 22 2010 Published by under Blogging

Found this great little article about how to maintain in-the-moment focus on individual tasks in order to be a more prolific blogger. [by way of my BloggingPro feed.]

The author describes bloggers who face mounting to-do lists associated with their blogging projects, who must juggle all these tasks with the many responsibilities from their lives beyond blogging. He outlines a plan for “unitasking” – as opposed to multitasking – in the face of so many tasks. A blogger can be overwhelmed by the many tasks required to complete each post and try to tackle them all at once. The author suggests you focus on one task at a time, rather than spread yourself out too thin by trying to touch on several projects simultaneously. Multitasking is Fool’s Gold – on the surface it seems we can complete more work if we tackle our tasks concurrently, but what really happens is we delay completion of each task, and in turn, the larger projects which are they are a part of.

This may seem obvious to some, but the execution of this simple approach to getting work done is difficult in practice for many people. Many of us find it hard to concentrate on any one task long enough to complete it, when we face the totality of all the separate steps related to the projects we juggle. Seeing the trees for the forest, so to speak. Sometimes just a short, simple reminder is enough to keep us focused. The author’s advice in this article is aimed at bloggers, and offers a prescription to balance workflow with life and not become overwhelmed. It also made me think about how the inability to focus on one task at a time affects other aspects of our lives.

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Opening Arguments

Aug 21 2010 Published by under thoughtarrhea

I’m not a professional philosopher. I’m just a schmuck from Queens who has a lot to say.

I present thoughtarrhea, yet one more entry into the already over-saturated medium of blogs. I guess I’m trying to accomplish the usual – entertain, provoke, philosophize – and still manage to hold down my day job.

Expect me to be all over the place with my posts, just as my brain is during conversation. Most posts will consist of my political opinions – my take on current events and how the mainstream media reports them. In time, I hope to grow this into a multifaceted list of subjects reflecting my ever-diversifying interests. I plan to range the gamut from politics, literature, and sports, to everything in-between. Mainly social commentary and political philosophy, with a dash of cultural rumination, but overall I plan to share anything I happen to think about.

Hence thoughtarrhea as the name of this blog – because I can’t control the crap that comes out of my mind.

Really, I’m just trying to hone my writing chops. Above all, I’m writing for myself – writing what I think, writing what I wish the mainstream corporate-controlled media wrote for me. At the same time, I hope to bring a few people along for the ride and maybe cause some of them to stop and question what they’re being told.

It is also possible that no one on earth will ever read this. So please take the time to comment while you visit. After all, conversation is what the blogosphere is all about – getting your voice out there, and then receiving acknowledgment, praise, or the wrath of the mob.

Frankenstein mob

I will share links to some of the tastier nuggets I find on the Web – sites I find interesting, whether for entertainment or informational purposes – as well as links to news about current events. I’ll offer original commentary on those news items, with the aim of reading between the lines of constant bullshit the mainstream media rams down our throats.

Expect many sacred cows to be slaughtered during the making of this blog. Perhaps you will be shocked and awed – maybe even offended – at some point. I hope at least that you are provoked into thinking critically and independently, if nothing else, while visiting my blog.

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