Royal Pain

May 01 2011 Published by under media, Our World, politics

So, did the United States declare independence from England, or not?

The Prince No-hair and Kate Mini-tits wedding was on every TV channel Friday morning as I tried to get ready for work without spitting up my breakfast. If not for the Weather Channel, I would have gone mad. And these jive-ass Robber barons have been on every corner of the Internet all weekend.

No, seriously – how is it possible in the 21st century there are billions of people who worship monarchs? The media carpet-bombs us with coverage of the ceremony, and for days afterward follows-up with strategic strikes of over-analysis of the ceremony. Still, billions of peasants choose – many of their own free will apparently – to watch. And people don’t just watch, they actually obsess and get caught up in all that nonsense analysis of bullshit minutiae like the dress and decor and makeup.

Contrast the pomp and circumstance of this ceremony against the backdrop of an international economic crisis and global attacks on working people, and it would seem this is just more of the same arrogant, opulent, let-them-eat-cake crap we’ve been getting for centuries.

And I thought the Internet was supposed to democratize the world. Well, thanks go yet again to the capitalist media corporations, for their continued control of information and ongoing effort to keep humanity in the Dark Ages.

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  • Peter says:

    Watching the procession, it was almost that I could see back in time when ragged peasants would line the streets for a glimpse, while the royals couldn’t be bothered to meet their eyes, or toss a gold piece back (unless the procession ran over one of their children).
    Equally ridiculous were the military dress and line of medals across the chests of the princes. I’m wondering what action they saw, how many days in the trenches they put in. At least Harry did his service, I’ll give him that.

    However I must disagree about the coverage…at the end of each royal update, the reporters and newscasters did give offer their recognition and prayers to those dead midwesterners, the “second biggest story of the weekend” – just before the station break.

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