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Oversight Leads to Chronic Flooding at 34th Street Plaza

Jul 26 2011 Published by under politics

Greeley Plaza flooded 1

Check out the flooding at the Herald Square pedestrian plaza. Well, it’s not really flooding, so much as it is a lack of drainage anywhere in the plaza.

This happens here every time it rains. Not only when there’s a lot of rain, mind you. Any. Time. It. Rains. At all.

These photos were each taken when it was not raining, all shot a day after rain. When the city paved over the street formerly known as Broadway, they forgot to replace the storm drains. There are no gutters in this plaza that lead to the sewer. Those gutter and sewers are pretty much standard issue for every block in Manhattan. One of the busiest subway stations in the system is directly beneath this plaza, making this a stunning oversight.

Typical Bloomberg undertaking – all sorts of promotion and hype, and plenty of the Bloomberg branding rammed down your throat, but glaring absence of attention to detail, implementation or action. Hallmarks of an impotent manager.

Greeley Plaza flooded 2

This pretty much sums up Bloomy’s legacy – all of the pomp and circumstance of his pet projects is really a thin veil over a collapsing infrastructure.

These look a lot less nice, sunny, and clean than the original artist’s rendition Bloomy showed us back when he first pushed this pathetic project.

Herald Square artist's rendering

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