Does Anyone Give A Shit About A New Metallica Album?

Feb 06 2014 Published by under Music

I sure don’t.

These sellout posers haven’t made a relevant album since 1988. That’s 25 years of pure drek.

Lars says in a Rolling Stone article that they’re taking their time writing. Would anyone care if Rolling Stone weren’t drumming up interest? They’ll make out like making an album takes longer now because they’re older and have other projects and families and bullshit like that. Really the album is taking so long because they’re out of usable ideas. They claim in the RS article that they have hundreds of pieces of music, yet no album. Sounds to me like even they are starting to realize they sound like shit.

The biggest of the “Big Four” thrash bands? Hardly. I’m much more interested in the new music Slayer, Megadeth, and Anthrax have released in recent years than the crap Metallica has farted out for the last quarter-century. These guys are living off four albums they made from ’83 to ’88.

Rumor is that Metallica is the reason there has been no new “Big Four” tour. That is a joke considering how terrible they sound live, and how good the “Other Three” sound. You’re better off seeing a Metallica cover band at a local bar than Metallica at this point. I’ve heard cover bands that sound more like Metallica than Metallica.

I think they should be dropped from the “Big Four” at this point. Perhaps replace them with Overkill or Manowar.

Do you give a shit about a new Metallica album? Comment as you see fit.

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