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Democrats Show Us Again They Are the Party of Anti-Semitism

Feb 06 2019 Published by under politics

The recent attacks on Bernie Sanders for delivering an opinion on the State of the Union Address show us Anti-Semitism is alive and well in the Democratic Party.

The Democrats, who rigged their party’s primary process in 2016 to ensure Bernie Sanders would lose to Hillary Clinton, thus ensuring they would run the only Presidential candidate worse than Donald Trump against Donald Trump, again show us just how much they hate it when Bernie Sanders attempts to inject a progressive opinion into the political discourse. And we know from Hillary’s leaked e-mails that anti-semitism not only fueled the attack on Sanders, but also was a key part of the strategy, exploiting the anti-semitic leanings of members of the Democratic Party in their campaign to stop Sanders’ grass-roots campaign from succeeding.

I am certain Bernie Sanders was not the only person to tweet a response to the State of the Union address. Certainly not the only member of Congress. Why has his response been singled out for attack by Democrats? The party that continues its shift away from New Deal politics to identity politics frames its attacks on Sanders under the guide of race and gender.

Because Stacey Abrams is a Black female, then Bernie Sanders must be racist for sharing his opinion of the State of the Union address. Are we supposed to believe that White males aren’t allowed to offer an opinion? Were any other White men with opinions publicly ostracized? Or is singling out Sanders just another in a long line of anti-semitic musings from the Democratic base?

Break away, Bernie. Break away. America needs a true Independent.

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Was There a Football Game Or Something?

Feb 04 2019 Published by under media, Sports

It was kind of quiet yesterday, like everyone was inside watching TV at the same time. Were a lot of you watching? Just kidding.

I have watched past Superbowls but this year I found myself severely disinterested. Maybe this is due to my recently waning interest in pro sports in general, or maybe I just hate the stupid Patriots and stupid Tom Brady. Or maybe I preferred to spend Sunday sharing meaningful moments with my children. Not indoctrinating them into this annual spectacle. Maybe wait until they’re older and can choose for themselves if they want to watch television. Maybe not even then if it means they sit around watching grown men smash into each other hard enough to cause injury.

Creative play and intelligent conversation, nurturing them further along in their long journey through life, seemed better to me than having them sit for hours in the same room with adults imbibing alcohol watching steroid users crash into each other and inflict broken limbs and concussions, the violence and booze dilating our pupils so advertisers can swoop in for the kill with sexualized ads to brainwash us into buying their products.

I did end the day with a certain sense of smug self-satisfaction. But in this Facebook world saying you enjoyed spending time doing something hidden from full public view, quietly off the grid, brings you strange stares and ostracism rather than admiration and respect.

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