R.I.P. Ray Manzarek

May 20 2013

We lost one of rock’s true greats today. Ray Mazarek died today, at age 74.

The Doors are one of the greatest and most influential bands in rock history. Apart from Jim’s singing, Ray’s keyboard playing pretty much defined their sound.

The Doors may have been the first rock band with mainstream success that featured keyboards as the lead instrument – a departure from the guitar, which dominated in pretty much every rock band before them. They set the mold for a rock band featuring a keyboard.

Guitar still reigns king, but for any band starting out with keyboard-dominated sound, regardless of genre, the shadow of The Doors and Manzarek’s playing looms large.

Stronger than dirt.

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Crappy First Drafts of Great Books

Apr 28 2012

Crappy First Drafts of Great Books: http://t.co/wu7PqlTV

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What is the sound of a cloud crashing?

Apr 17 2012

What is the sound of a cloud crashing? #gmail

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Penguins 1, Neo-Fascists 0

Apr 17 2012

Penguins 1, Neo-Fascists 0

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Snoop Dogg Publishes A Smokable Book

Apr 09 2012

We have now found the one thing you cannot do with an e-book.

Snoop Dogg’s new book is smokable. Each page is a sheet of rolling paper. And there’s a matchbook on the spine. [via Creativity Online]

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Comrade Stalin Notebooks

Apr 09 2012

Stalin Notebooks are hot sellers in Moscow. [via Boing Boing]

Banning them would be Stalinist.

Perhaps it’s better if we just make them disappear . . .

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Welfare Wifi

Feb 17 2012

Sabrina pays for Wifi with my taxes. I know this because I found her welfare card in my front yard . . .

Sabrina Welfare

. . . And, I can see her HotSpot.

Sabrina Hot Spot

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking – Who hasn’t seen her HotSpot?

I know what else you’re thinking – that it was Mighty White-Out of me to erase her #.

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God Sounded Great Opening For Megadeth

Jan 29 2012

God Opening for Megadeth

There’s God and his band, Motorhead, opening for Megadeth, as Gigantour stopped in New York tonight. That would be the seventh time I’ve seen Motorhead, who have never disappointed.

Undercard acts – Lacuna Coil (Goth-Metal) and Volbeat (Rockabilly-Metal) – Both sounded great. I had only heard lacuna Coil a few times and had never heard Volbeat before, but I saw enough to make me want to hear more.

Megadeth, as always, was superlative. Dave Mustaine’s guitar playing is as good as it’s ever been. Hearing those gems of musicianship and Dave sing his genius lyrics live was nothing short of stunning.

So I don’t come off as too much of a fanboy here, I will express my disappointment that they did not play Rust In Peace or Skin O’ My Teeth. Near the end of the show, Dave quipped “if this was L’Amours [sic], we’d play all night.” Of course, back in the days when they would have played L’Amour, the tickets weren’t quite as expensive. The times are changing.

Other than that, there isn’t anything negative to say. I did a lot of headbanging to four great metal bands tonight. One thing I took away from this: It was great to see kids who were not even alive when Megadeth was in their heyday banging their heads and singing every word. The next generation of headbangers just might be ready to accept the torch. Even if they don’t know what L’Amour(s) is, or how cheap a ticket is supposed to be.

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Statistically, there is a better chance a lotto billboard falls on you . . .

Jan 14 2012

Statistically, there is a better chance a lotto billboard falls on you than of you winning the lotto http://t.co/tUOLLBLF

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If graphic novels are novels,

Dec 07 2011

If graphic novels are novels, then comic books are graphic short stories. Scratch that – graphic serials.

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