Royal Pain

May 01 2011 Published by under media, Our World, politics

So, did the United States declare independence from England, or not?

The Prince No-hair and Kate Mini-tits wedding was on every TV channel Friday morning as I tried to get ready for work without spitting up my breakfast. If not for the Weather Channel, I would have gone mad. And these jive-ass Robber barons have been on every corner of the Internet all weekend.

No, seriously – how is it possible in the 21st century there are billions of people who worship monarchs? The media carpet-bombs us with coverage of the ceremony, and for days afterward follows-up with strategic strikes of over-analysis of the ceremony. Still, billions of peasants choose – many of their own free will apparently – to watch. And people don’t just watch, they actually obsess and get caught up in all that nonsense analysis of bullshit minutiae like the dress and decor and makeup.

Contrast the pomp and circumstance of this ceremony against the backdrop of an international economic crisis and global attacks on working people, and it would seem this is just more of the same arrogant, opulent, let-them-eat-cake crap we’ve been getting for centuries.

And I thought the Internet was supposed to democratize the world. Well, thanks go yet again to the capitalist media corporations, for their continued control of information and ongoing effort to keep humanity in the Dark Ages.

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Deadspin Says Rex Ryan’s Wife In Footsie Flick

Dec 23 2010 Published by under media, Sports

I will not talk about Rex and his wife here. This is a comment on Deadspin’s editorial policy. I would hardly call this ‘reporting.’

In case you haven’t seen this, Deadspin surfaced a foot fetish video that they insinuate involves the wife of New York Jets Coach Rex Ryan (and maybe Ryan himself).

Deadspin’s article has zero journalistic value. It is nothing more than holding up a married couple’s personal lifestyle choices for public ridicule. For me, no different than ostracizing two men who choose to share their lives together in a healthy, loving relationship. Oh wait, that already does happen, and it’s actually sanctioned by law. So perhaps here we see where attitudes of sexual bigotry begin.

Why did Deadspin launch such a thorough investigation into the sex life of a married couple? They didn’t just leave it at the video. They actively tracked down profiles from an adult website they link to the Ryans. Sexed-up stories become picked-up stories.

Deadspin also broke this tasty nugget, so it’s not the first time they’ve raised questions about the sexual habits of someone connected to the Jets. But the Brett Favre story has journalistic value – it is a story of Favre’s potential sexual harassment, that involves a forceful act against a non-consenting person that violated the trust of a professional relationship. Some would say that should not only be an on-the-job demerit, but an actual crime.

No children were harmed in the making of this video and no citizens had their rights violated. Anything between consenting adults should be considered socially acceptable. But as long as America remains a nation of prudes, voyeuristic non-journalism such as this will continue to sell.

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