Another Reason to Mistrust the Cloud

Apr 21 2011 Published by under Technology

Not that I needed another reason to mistrust the cloud, but Amazon’s outage has me thinking about how stupid storing data in the Cloud is.

Amazon suffered a major outage today. This caused massive outages, and knocked out several popular websites.

I still can’t believe people actually choose to store their data “in the cloud.” In other words, on a server owned by someone else, in a room owned or rented by someone else, connected to the Internet, where, in theory, it could be accessible by everyone else. The concept has always struck me as ludicrous, in terms of security and privacy. This is one techno-bandwagon I’ve avoided like the Plague. So I didn’t need another reason to hate cloud storage, but found one anyway today.

This doesn’t constitute a security breach, but it does make me wonder about the fragility of data stored in the cloud. What if backups fail? It’s possible that with one bad lightning strike or a tornado that wanders too close to a server-farm, all your precious information could be wiped from the earth.

Large capacity USB hard drives are cheap. More than enough to store your music and movies. I don’t have a problem using software to create automatic backups, and to make backups of those. It’s very easy to not think about until one day you realize you’ve lost all your data. It’s even worse when you think you’ve taken the step of storing your data securely, only to learn that the corporate entity you paid to guard your data has suffered a compete failure of their infrastructure. Then what?

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