Beginnings and Endings

Dec 31 2015 Published by under thoughtarrhea

Sitting down with my wife to watch yet another New Year’s Eve Twilight Zone Marathon. This never gets old for me.

My wife and I have had this little ritual for several years now. Heat up some frozen junk, have a couple of drinks, and cozy up on the couch all day/night/day/night spacing out on the #twilightzonemarathon.

After all these years, there is nothing else I would rather do on New Year’s Eve. Even when we know the twist in every episode, even though we always spend New Year’s Eve together this way, I never get tired of this ritual.

What makes this year’s ritual special is that we now have twin sons to share it with. (Thank you)

“Ring out the old, ring in the new,” or whatever similar refrain you hear everywhere this time of year, people tend to focus on beginnings and endings. Whether looking back with satisfaction or regret on the old year, or looking ahead to the upcoming year with anticipation or angst.

Still, I think my beginnings and endings are pretty heavy this year, all things considered.

What’s ending for me? That guy with no children and no dependents and no familial obligations. Kind of an obvious one there.

What’s beginning? My two sons’ lives, and all the promise held therein. And my new life with my sons.

Many people have their own annual ritual for New Year’s Eve, be it taking comfort and solace in the familiar, or seeking out a new experience each year. Whichever is the case, people focus on beginnings and endings.

Like writing, beginnings and endings are easy to script. It’s everything you do in between that’s hard.

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Comrade Stalin Notebooks

Apr 09 2012 Published by under thoughtarrhea

Stalin Notebooks are hot sellers in Moscow. [via Boing Boing]

Banning them would be Stalinist.

Perhaps it’s better if we just make them disappear . . .

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Welfare Wifi

Feb 17 2012 Published by under thoughtarrhea

Sabrina pays for Wifi with my taxes. I know this because I found her welfare card in my front yard . . .

Sabrina Welfare

. . . And, I can see her HotSpot.

Sabrina Hot Spot

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking – Who hasn’t seen her HotSpot?

I know what else you’re thinking – that it was Mighty White-Out of me to erase her #.

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