Salamone Rossi, Jewish Italian Renaissance Composer

Sep 18 2020

Sharing this, hoping it’s timely for Rosh Hashana.

I went down a rabbit hole today reading up on Salamone Rossi, a Jewish composer who was a key figure of late Italian Renaissance music. Thanks to WKCR for playing his music this morning on their Early Music Show and piquing my interest in his music.

Nice historical summary here at the Virtual Jewish Library, framing Rossi’s place as a composer within the context of the historical persecution and segregation of Jews in Europe.

Great examination here of his choral music for synagogue and its place in history.

L’Shana Tova!

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Bourgeois Media (TM)

Jun 01 2020

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Internet in the Age of COVID

Apr 18 2020

Where would we be without the Internet?

Just over 2 months ago, the current pandemic and the resulting changes to our way of life were unthinkable.

An inconceivable concept during previous pandemics that is now taken for granted is the Internet. Everything about life in the twenty-first century that it brought us that we take for granted – instantaneous mass communication, digitalization of all the accumulated knowledge of the world, information overflow, social media, and real-time global collaboration – none of this existed during any previous pandemic situation.

During the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918, the telegraph and print dominated mass communication media. Broadcast radio was only on the cusp of being adopted by the masses. Can you imagine watching widespread illness and death unfold around you while news of understanding it and fighting it followed slowly after? That lag time in not knowing what is going on is inconceivable to us today. That is in addition to the lag time doctors and scientists endured in their efforts to collaborate and come into consensus about what is happening and how to fight the pandemic.

How about the Black Death pandemic of 1348? Not much media to speak of. Information spread at a speed too slow for a citizen of today’s world to grasp. If it spread at all. The dearth of communication contributed to the failure to understand and fight the pandemic. This resulted in mass horror, panic, and despair following in its wake for years. And that plague recurred every couple of decades for 300 years after its initial outbreak.

The telegraph and telephone could transmit information rapidly from point to point, but the time it took for that information to be transcribed, set in type, printed, and then distributed to the masses meant that there was still a lag between news happening and then being communicated to the masses. Understanding the virus, and then planning and deploying a response also were limited by the speed and distribution capability of the mass media of the time. All these lags accumulate throughout the communication process and to make fighting a pandemic even more of a Sisyphean effort.

If we did not have the Internet, I think our society would have collapsed a lot harder with more negative effects and even worse fear, uncertainty, and doubt than we endure now. It is doubtful the collective effort to recover and rebound as a society would be as strong as our current effort. Even in the face of governmental and corporate errors, the Internet is a medium that empowers, enabling understanding, communication, and a strong united response to the pandemic.

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Social Distancing vs. Physical Distancing

Apr 18 2020

Everywhere, everyone refers to what we are doing to mitigate the spread of COVID, as “social distancing.”

Not just the media. Our best minds, our most trusted experts, even the government have referred to what we now do as “social distancing.”

I don’t want to be “that guy” who shows up during a pandemic to be the nitpicky Grammar Nazi, but here I go.

Maintaining a distance of six feet between all persons in public spaces is not SOCIAL distancing. It is PHYSICAL distancing. The distance we create is a distance of physical space.

Socially, we are closer than ever. Most of the world has been locked in to the Internet during the physical lockdown. Whether reading the constantly updated stream of news, enjoying entertaining diversions, viewing porn, or wasting time on social media, we are all working toward and hoping for the same outcome. People are socially closer now than we have ever been.

Something rare these days. End on a positive note?

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