About Me

I’m not a professional philosopher. I’m just a schmuck who has a lot to say. Spent pretty much my whole life in Queens, though I have now joined the wave of refugees who have fled the city for the sanctuary of Long Island.

I am officially a suburbanite. And loving it.

I present thoughtarrhea, yet another entry into the already over-saturated blogosphere. I guess I’m trying to accomplish the usual – entertain, provoke, philosophize – and still manage to hold down my day job.

Expect me to be all over the place with my posts, just as my brain is during conversation. I plan to range the gamut from politics, literature, and sports, to everything in-between. Mainly social commentary and political philosophy, with a dash of cultural rumination, but overall I plan to share anything I happen to think about.

Hence thoughtarrhea as the name of this blog – because I can’t control the crap that comes out of my mind.

Really, I’m just trying to hone my writing chops. Above all, I’m writing for myself – writing what I think, writing what I wish the mainstream corporate-controlled media wrote for me. At the same time, I hope to bring a few people along for the ride and maybe cause some of them to stop and question what they’re being told and read between the lines of constant bullshit the mainstream media rams down our throats.

Many sacred cows will be slaughtered during the making of this blog. Perhaps you will be shocked and awed – maybe even offended – at some point. I hope at least that you are provoked into thinking critically and independently, if nothing else, while visiting my blog.

That’s Real Change™ you can count on.

Not that I think I’m going to (or can) change the world all by my lonesome. I know all-too-well the impossibility of such a task. But I do hope to do my microscopically small part, even if I end up just another barely audible voice drowned out amidst the din of the Web.

In the end I’m just a guy who has some thoughts he’d like to share.

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